Those who live in palaces and travel by yachts don’t shy away from colorful collections, textures and layers in interior design.

When we think of royal palaces and otherwise opulent interiors, maximalism comes to mind. Pietro Scaglione is a champion of the design ethos. As the artistic director of the Paris-based design company Pinto he leads projects in some of the most over-the-top interiors on land, at sea in yachts and in the air by way of private jets.

The brand’s portfolio includes residences for billionaires worldwide, including the royal families of Saudi Arabia and Qatar. In recent years, the latter purchased the Dudley House, among the most expensive properties in London, and hired the brand’s late founder, Alberto Pinto, to renovate the home to its original lavishness. After Pinto’s death in 2012, Mr. Scaglione, alongside the company’s new owner, Fahad Hariri, continued the brand’s mission to design for the world’s ultra-wealthy.

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