2024 is finally here. If you’ve been looking to refresh your home, now couldn’t be a better time. It seems the world is finally open to new designs and ideas. Overall, it’s about making homes cozier, more colorful, and incorporating more playful decor.

Whether you’re refreshing your home, planning a major renovation, or aiming to redecorate a room at some point this year, here are 12 of the top interior design trends for 2024, according to interior designers and experts…

Boring beige is something that many designers are done with—especially in children’s rooms. This will likely make way for more cheerful spaces for babies explains Alexia Sheinman at Pembrooke & Ives. “Whimsical design for children’s rooms where we can create magical havens with bright colors, fun light fixtures, and textured carpets similar to our model home at The Wales.”

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