Several converging factors – New York City’s continued economic and cultural growth, record-setting condominium sales, a renewed appreciation of the city’s historic buildings, and maturation of the residential conversion market – blessed past the decade with the most spectacular condo conversions in the city’s history. Some of the city’s most rarefied hotels (the Waldorf-Astoria, The Plaza), office buildings (the Woolworth Building, 100 Barclay Street, 108 Leonard Street), and even miscellanea such as schools (555 West End Avenue) and printing facilities (The Puck Penthouses) have become some of the most luxurious and most unique condominiums in the Big Apple, each uniquely adapting to the special character of their respective buildings.

See below for CityRealty’s picks for the 15 best conversions of the decade and some of their most intriguing condominiums currently on the market.